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how far do the clubs go

Golf club distances chart – And how I finally improved!

Hey George here, If you want to know how to shoot a lower golf score, then I’m glad you stumbled across this site and I strongly suggest you keep reading… This is my uncensored, uncut story of how I finally managed to shoot the lower golf score that I always wanted. The highs, the lows, […]

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What Impact Does New Equipment Have Upon Your Golf Game?

Let’s admit it: At one time or another, we all have wondered the same thing: “Is it my clubs that are holding me back?” Unfortunately, most of the time the answer is going to be NO! I know it’s not what any of us wanted to hear when we might be struggling with our game. Achieving the […]

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Who am I?

George | Golf Club Distances

Hi, my name is George and I spent a long time trying to improve my golf game. One of my biggest problems was inconsistency, especially with my golf club distances. I had a hard time finding a good way to fix that. Finally, I figured it out and was able to go from shooting 120+ to breaking 80! Well, luckily for you, I've summarized all my tips so you'll have it a lot easier.

Golf club distances - How to Break 80

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